Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль


                                 A message from the Director

I, myself and on behalf of our Faculty, Students and Colleagues are greeting you  warmly and sincerely, for introducing our school`s website.

I wish you all – professors, alumni and current students who are interested in their school`s operations, development, and information we present – good luck.

Our school started preparing Mechanical Engineer of Agriculture since 1960, and with history of nearly 60 years, we have a skillful teaching staff.

Currently, there are over 2000 students, studying in 8 Engineering and Technology curriculums, whom we provide training-researching service, breeding, ethical development, student outcomes, and teach life wisdom.

I`m pleased to note that intellect, technical thinking, creativity and  smart management of our Alumni and Engineers are having an important role in development of and succeeding in not only Agricultural sector but also other industries in public and private sectors.

We are always proud of our Alumni all across Mongolia that are entrepreneurs with  steady operations and high accomplishments, all graduates who are working by their profession in the country, honored  professionals in various industries, Engineers in all levels of management, and renewed figures in culture and sports.

New teaching methodology and standard (CDIO), followed in world`s top University of Engineering and Technology, are being transferred and  successfully implemented in order to provide professional skills to students of each course .

To get international accreditation on our oldest curriculum which is  Mechanical Engineering and Technology,-we fully renewed the database of its all teaching and research materials and lab equipment by 1.7 billion MNT of High Education Project and Asia Development Bank-  and chose ABET of USA is carrying out all  the procedures.

We are inviting boys and girls who graduated their secondary school successfully and are planning to pursue Engineering, and all people interested in our school to enroll  at the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS).

Director Associate professor (PhD)  ENKHBAYARGonchigdorj





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