Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль

Student council introduction of Engineer and technology school of MULS


Student council of Engineer and technology school of MULS organizes activity within MULS's rule, fogulation, law about Non-governmental organization and other legislation. It is a non-profit organization serves for students according to the rules approved by the board meeting and has their own seal and motto. They protect all student's right and organizes activities which can influence for students development and still works between school and students for connecting their communication.



Motto of student council:       To be a good leader

To be a good performer



Mission of student council


It is a non-governmental and self-governing organization which helps for students to study hard for their major, create knowledge in technology sector, grow in the community, to develop themselves and walking with the world best students .


Goal of student council


Student council will support activities of Engineer technology school, develop all student's engineer skills and become a bridge for connect students with school management.

Activities orientation:

Student council has been performing the organization the following these main activities.

For it:

  • Introduce the University- for freshment
  • Best student and class's selecting
  • Make a plan of student council’s activity
  • Share experience with other University's student councils


Traditional activities of Engineer and technology school’s student council

  • Graduation
  • Meeting party
  • Meeting of day event
  • Student's visa card order
  • Student' s card order
  • Sport competition of Engineer and technology school
  • New year's party
  • Comprehensive development of student development
  • Academic conference of students
  • Initiative project of students
  • Art competition of Engineer and technology school
  • Meet with students
  • “Golden Bell’ competition
  • Work with student's council
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