Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль

Strong competitor to Robocon competition

The School of Engineering and Technology of the Agricultural University has been participating in the national ABU Robocon competition since 2005. In 2006, it won the third prize in the competition called “Let’s Build the Highest Twin Towers in the World” and in 2010 it was selected as the “Team with the Best Design”. During the competition period, the team leaders were Prof. R. Buuveibaatar (PhD), Dr. Т.Ganbold (PhD), Dr., Adjunct Professor U. Ganbat (PhD), and B.Boldbayar (MSc.). Regarding the student teams, a team comprises of 10-14 students and every team tries to involve students from the years 1 to 4, which reflects the succession plan policy. Every competition should consist of manually controlled and automatic remote controlled machine parts, where the AU mainly uses agricultural machinery, equipment, assembling resolution and ideas, and this specific feature distinguishes AU’s robots from those of other schools.

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