Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль

Electrical Engineering

Brief introduction of the Faculty of Electrical Supply and   Electronics

Purpose of the faculty: Increasing the quality and efficacy of teaching, research and other services as well as preparing knowledgeable and versatile professionals

Goals :

  1. To involve at least 70 percent of  teachers in research
  2. To increase study material base and improving laboratory environment
  3. To renew and redevelop the curriculum according to the new guidelines
  4. To increase manuel supplies
  5. To introduce electronics and automation in agricultural industries

Motto: Let’s transfer research results to industries and prepare versatile professionals.


Courses currently taught were first introduced in 1960 at the origin of current School of Engineering, the faculty of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture when it was first established.

Over time the electrical courses were included in the Faculty of Tractors and Automobiles, the Faculty of Agricultural Vehicles, the Faculty of General Technology and the Faculty of Mechanization of Livestock Industry and contributed greatly to preparing professionals.

Since the 2002-2003 academic year, the faculty started admitting students in electrical supply major and in June 2003, the Faculty of Electrical Supply and Electronics was established as an independent faculty. Doctor Buuveibaatar.Rwasappointed as the dean and has been working at the faculty since then. The first members of the faculty were honorary professor, senior instructor, educator Tsevegsuren.Sh, senior instructor, graduate of master’s degree Batbayar .M, teacher and graduate of master’s degree Gantulga.D and laboratory assistant and postgraduate student Ankhtuul.O.

Currently Baatarkhuu.D is working as the dean, adjunct professor Buuveibaatar.D (Ph.D),Rakhmet.Kh (Ph.D) , Nandintsetseg.M (Ph.D),Gantulga.D(Ph.D) and master’s degree graduates Baigalmaa.R, Amgalanzul.J, Munkh-Erdene.B, Myagmarsuren.B, Timur.T, Ganbold.D, Narangarav.U, Nyamdorj.G are working as teachers, Ankhbayar.M, Mungunzaviya.B are working as master instructors and Enkhchimeg.E is working as the faculty assistant. Our staff,having adopted the  new system of social interaction, are working hard in renewing course content, improving teaching experience, deepening their knowledge, fortifying the facilities , supplying textbooks, guidelines and laboratory manuels, cultivating research and in developing laboratories.

As a result of all this hard work, the faculty was selected as the best faculty of School of Engineering and Technology in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2015. Our teachers Baatarkhuu.D, Rakhmet.Kh, Nandintsetseg.M, Gantulga.D, Baigalmaa.R, Myagmarsuren.B, Timur.T, Ganbold.D have been awarded graduate degrees in technologically developed countries such as Russia, Czech Republic, South Korea and China. Our faculty endeavors to study and examine foreign successful research results and send our teachers to advanced training courses and graduate schools.

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