Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Historical background

The department of Mechanics and Technology was founded with the name of the Department of Machine Manufacturing and Materials Technology in July 1961. At that time in Department has been worked the some foreign specialists from Russia (former Soviet Union) under the invitation Government of Mongolia. One of the pioneers of the Department, Honorable Professor of MSUA L.Tserendorj has been worked as the first head of the Department.

In 1965 Department of Theory and Graphics, in 1987 Department of Tractors and Automobiles were organized from this Department respectively.

In 1994 the Department has changed its name into the Department of Machine Manufacturing and Repairing Technology. Since this time among Department staffs have begun to birth of young scientists such Professor L.Chuluunbat, T. Minjuur, associate professor G.Gantulga and B.Purevdorj Ph.D.

Besides the educational and research work Department faculties have initiated to organize the first auto-associotion in Mongolia and in which have prepared many tractor and combine operators and drivers for a agricultural production. By the Department Faculties have been elaborated and created one new invention, more 20 new advanced ideas and introduced 30 technical norms and standards in practice.

The Mechanical Engineering department implements Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) and Material Science Engineering (MSE) programs. The MET program is the one of the oldest bachelor programs of MULS. The MET program has been carried out during the last 55 years. It has produced highly qualified and skillful professionals who can meet the fieldrequirement.Today both mechanical engineering technology and agricultural engineering majors are included in the MET program, according to minister’s order No. A/78 of Ministry of Education and Science on March 13, 2014. Job trends andthe index were approved by the order.

The MET program was revised according to the professional standard and approved by the Division of Higher Education of Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science in 2007. Within the framework of Higher Education Reform, the Professional Curriculum Committee (PCC) re-developed the program based on program learning outcomes and it was approved by the General Curriculum Committee (GCC) of MULS in 2015. Based on employers, faculty and alumni surveys, the list of professional skills was newly introduced and courses such as Mechatronic and CAD type courses were added in the program. 

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