Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль

Agricultural Engineering


Main Goal:  To prepare leading engineers who obtained advanced agricultural machinery and technology in the modern and future required level.


Specific objectives:

  • To design mechanisms and machine and effectively use with relevant knowledge of basic sciences for engineering and agricultural machinery and the production of agricultural machinery.
  • To organize repair and services of agricultural machinery and gain knowledge about the agricultural industry and the process of these agricultural products.
  • To evaluate and assess the solution and solve problems based on the ethics, maturity and professional responsibility of Agricultural Engineering. In addition, to develop the ability of system thinking, independent thinking, and to give the attitudes how to obtain education, regularly.
  • To get more opportunities, such as teamwork, the ability to be a leader, the ability to enter in the social relations, the ability to express oneself, and to acquire the abilities of information technology and a foreign language.
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