Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль

BA programs

Main objective

To prepare social responsibility, creative minded,  and good knowledge of foreign language engineers who obtained theoretical knowledge of the design and working principle of agricultural machine, machinery, and the technology of agriculture and livestock production, and with skilled engineers who can analyze, invent, and use resources on the biological materials production, processing, storage, transport and distribution processes. 

Specific objectives:

  • To provide scientific knowledge and basic technical knowledge of natural and engineering.
  • To provide to use the theoretical knowledge with the design and organization of machine, machinery and knowledge of agricultural production techniques.
  • To provide the knowledge and to use on the practice which to identify the technological procedures of agricultural machinery and use them, and to invent the agricultural machine, machinery.
  • To provide the attitudes such as system thinking, to analyze, to evaluate and to make decisions, to determine the causes and to resolve those issues.
  • To provide the knowledge of information and technology and foreign language, and to provide the skills such as teamwork, leadership, to enter social relation, and ability to express yourself.

List of knowledge and skills to be acquired by the program

1.1.1    Basic knowledge of math and natural sciences

  • The usage of engineering mathematics

1.1.2    Basic knowledge and skills of engineering

  • The imagination and mapping
  • Engineering estimation
  • To analyze the machinery parts.
  • Modify the material properties for use
  • The usage of electrical technique and electronic
  • Use the processing of energy conversion and change 
  • Usage of liquid gas equipments
  • To provide an ability of technical English language.
  • Engineering software and drawing and to do virtual analysis
    • Engineering Mathematical Applications
    • Knowledge about design and operation combustion engine, to define the main parameters, and to choose, to use of the engine.
    • Knowledge about design, operation, and operating characteristics of automotive machines, and to choose and the usage of automotive machines based on the main and technical parameters.
    • Crop production machinery, to evaluate technological performance, and to choose, to regulate on the crop production machine machinery.
    • Design of harvesting machinery, to evaluate on the harvesting technology, and to choose, to regulate on harvesting machine machinery.
    • Analyze properties of agricultural materials and to determine the technological rationale.
    • Knowledge about soil properties, plant physiology, classifications, the factors on the life, and the processing of crop technology.
    • The design of farming and feed production machinery and equipments, to evaluate the technology, and to choose, to regulate the farming and feed production machinery.
    • Define the required energy for the agricultural production, to choose the type of sources, and to install, to use and to assembly.
    • Machine diagnostics, to eliminate the failure, to do technical service, and to use the equipments.
    • To compose the working healthy condition, and to ensure safety for the workers.
    • Automatic control of agricultural production processing.
    • To operate machine, machinery.
    • Execute personally
    • To make engineering solutions
    • An ability to identify engineering reasoning and engineering technological problem solving
    • An ability to function effectively as a member or leader on a technical team
    • an ability to identify external, societal and environmental context

1.1.3    Knowledge and skills of agriculture production, and agricultural technic technique.

2.1.4 Personal and professional skills and attributes

  • An ability to conduct experiments investigation and knowledge discovery.
  • An ability  to use system thinking
  • An ability to personal skills and attributes
  • An ability to understand professional and ethical responsibilities

2.1.5    Interpersonal skills: teamwork and communication

  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • An ability to communicate in foreign languages 

2.1.6    Conceiving, designing, implementing and operating systems in the enterprise, societal and environmental context

  • an ability to understand enterprise and business context
  • an ability to use conceiving, systems engineering and management
  • an ability to design
  • an ability to implement new product
  • an ability to operate in equipment and keeping life of machine
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